And then I miss Charlie

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Resembling the kite, taken,
snatched by strong winds from above,
sailing the sky,
gone you a blink of an eye...
The empty embrace leaves my body cold and craving for touch,
as if I never held you, as if I never breathed-in your sweet spices breath.

Stars from the heavens, as you call them, call you away from me;
mesmerized and hypnotized, you follow them, leaving me behind and forsaken.

Like the angel-shaped clouds which dissipate in just moments, the memory of us melts like snowflakes, and spills in the hands that were so terrified of letting go ...
only seconds ago.

Fear and Pain, like Bonnie and Clyde, robb my heart and my mind, and my kidneys twist like a baby in the womb.
Numb and forced to sleep, involuntarily I bite my lip until it bleeds and swells.

You're gone again,
like the most delightful dream stolen by the reflection of the morning sun through the curtains...

I miss Charlie!

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