The Princesses of Dreams

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A long, long time ago in the land of Hermeria, there once was a prince named Ronald. He wasn’t very tall or spoiled, but his parents wanted him to marry. He had soft blue eyes that extremely stood out of his face. He had a lot of freckles and was extremely handsome with dark curly hair. One day, unexpectedly love had found him. He met Demeera, a stunning girl with black curly hair. He fell in love with her at once. To finalize their special love, he proposed. Demeera accepted and they were blissfully married. They ruled together and they were the most loved king and queen in all of the land. About two and a half years later, Demeera had discovered that she was expecting a child.

One night, a hooded man with a black cloak came into the castle without notice. He did not identify who he was or why he was there, but he spoke to Ronald and Demeera.

“Queen Demeera, something wonderful is about to happen for the both of you. But it will not bring the world happiness. Your family will never be safe unless you do something about it.” The man explained. Queen Demeera looked very alarmed and was beginning to worry.

“What will happen?” Queen Demeera questioned.

“Oh, I cannot say. I’ve said too much to you both already. I must be leaving, but remember, I will be back!” the man was quite old and had a gray scraggly beard but he had a kind face. He had small rectangular glasses and was a talented wizard. So, the small wizard vanished with a puff of white smoke.

After another two and a half months, Demeera gave birth to twin girls. The king and queen of Hermeria sat with the girls in their arms, rocking them back and forth gently.

“What ever did that hooded man mean? What will happen to our family?” Demeera asked Ronald.

“I don’t know, sweetheart. All I know is that we have been blessed with beautiful baby girls. Princess Enarah and Leverra will grow up to be great rulers.” Ronald paused. “I am making a promise to you now, Demeera. With all the courage and love I have in my heart, I will protect our family from any harm.” Demeera smiled and then looked down at her daughter.

That night, the babies slept quietly. On the same night, that old man, once again returned. He gently woke Demeera and Ronald.

“Who are you?” Ronald asked, holding a dagger.

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