I'll Wait for You

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You were my life,

All I ever needed.

But in a moment,

You were gone,

Taking my life.

I died inside,

Thinking I had nothing left to live for.

I felt tired and weak,

Never wanting to wake up in the morning.

All I ever wanted to do was sleep,

But I couldn’t.

I remember lying awake at night,

Wishing you were here,

Wishing you were alive.

I remember never being able to sleep,

Because you consumed my thoughts,

And haunted my dreams.

I lied awake,

Tears rolling down my cheeks,

Waiting to fall asleep,

Waiting to escape my life.

But know this,

You are my life,

Everything I need,

To feel alive again,

And I’ll wait for you to be with me again.

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