For Eternity

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Searching forever and ever,

But really you’ve been a part of me all along.

Although the past was all a lie,

I know the future will hold what I’ve always dreamt of.

At last I’ve found you,

The other half to my heart,

Yet you’re still living the lie I did for so many years.

How can it be all that I’ve searched for,

Has all lead up to my destiny?

When I thought everything in the world was wrong,

You had found me.

I looked into your green eyes,

And suddenly I knew all along that you were my destiny.

You were the reason I was still living,

The reason that the lie became the truth.

The way that you looked at me with your perfect eyes,

I knew there would be no more pain.

I knew in my heart that this was right,

Us together; destiny linked between two hearts.

For so many years my heart was cold as stone,

But the moment I saw your face, my heart was on fire.

It hurt me to not look at your perfect face,

To not feel the warmth of your touch...

My heart pleaded for your arms around me,

For your lips on mine.

And then when I looked into your eyes on this beautiful night,

I knew that this was where I was meant to be for eternity.

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