Everything is going to be okay

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I wish this was all just a dream,

I can’t be without you,

I don’t know how.

I remember you telling me that you love me,

That you would never leave me.

What happened?

This pain is immense,

And I really need you,

But you broke me,

You ruined me.

I can hope,

I can wish,

I can dream,

That I’ll wake up soon.

That you’ll kiss me,

Hold me again,

And be there for me.

I never wanted you to stop holding me,

Not then,

Not now,

Not ever.

But you did.

Kiss me awake.

I need you to fix me.

I need you to make me better.

I need to feel your arms around me,

Because when I do,

I know everything is going to be okay.

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