Everlasting Pain

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Every day I continue living without you,

Is just another day that I still love you.

I can’t seem to let you go,

I can’t seem to forget you,

And I can’t seem to stop missing you.

Your promised me that I was the only one,

You promised me that you would never change the way you feel,

You promised to be there for me,

You promised to never let me go,

You promised that we would be together,

You promised to always love me, now and forever.

I believed you,

I fell for your lies,

And now it’s me that is in everlasting pain,

It’s me, who is broken,

It’s me, who is dying,

It’s me, who is alone,

It’s me, who needs you,

But you aren’t there.

I believed your promises,

And fell for your lies.

Now I can’t seem to let you go,

And now I’m in everlasting pain.

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