Dark Place

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I can’t do this,

It’s not easy,

And I know I’m not strong enough.

That dark place is nearing me,

Getting closer and closer.

I can’t see straight anymore,

I can’t feel anything anymore,

I can’t do this!

This pain is too strong for me,

And is taking over.

It’s pulling me under already,

Making my pain beyond immense.

I’m not ready to be alone,

I’m not ready to let you go,

I’m not ready to live in a world where you aren’t home.

That dark place is weakening me,

Trying to lure me there,

Trapping me,

And corrupting me.

I’m not strong enough to be alone,

Not when that place is drawing so close.

I can’t do this with that dark place following me,

Tempting me,

And corrupting my thoughts.

That dark place...

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