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What am I supposed to do now that you’re gone?

I can’t move on,

Not without you,

And I can’t forget.

Can’t you see that I’m broken?

As time goes on, but I’m still not fixed.

The pieces of my heart no longer seem to fit,

Because you’re gone.

You didn’t choose to leave,

And I didn’t want you to go,

But you did, and now you’re gone.

How can I continue living my life,

When you can’t finish your own?

I need you to be with me,

But you’re not,

And I don’t know how to live with that.

I wish I could forget,

I wish I could move on,

But I can’t when I’m broken.

The pieces to my life are gone,

And they aren’t coming back.

When I need you now,

When I need you the most,

You don’t come to my aid.

You’re gone from my life,

I’m broken,

Because the pieces are too shattered to fix.

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