A Companion

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You watch them grow up,

You raise them,

Teach them good and bad,

And you’re responsible for them.

Each day the bond between you grows stronger,

They become your best friend,

A companion to comfort you,

A companion to listen to you,

A companion to keep you company,

A companion to protect you.

Before you know it,

You need them,

And they need you.

You are dependent on everything they give you.

But as the years wear on,

And the bond becomes stronger,

They grow weaker.

Their age catches up with them,

They can no longer do the things they used to,

They grow tired,

And soon it’s time for them to leave.

A trip to the vets marks the end,

It’s the end of their time,

The end of their life with you.

Saying your good-byes,

Hugging them one last time,

Letting your tears fall into their fur,

One last look in their beautiful eyes,

You both know it’s time,

Time for them to be put out of their misery,

Time for them to rest for a while,

Time for them to leave you,

Time for them to pass on.

A slight nod to the vet,

She prepares the needle,

Tears streaming down your face,

Clutching their paw for the last time,

You know the end is coming.

A knot forms in your stomach,

And you see them slowly dying before your eyes,

Until finally, they’re gone,

They’ve passed on,

And they will wait for you,

They will wait until you cross the bridge together.

You watch them grow up,

Teach them good and bad,

Until one day,

You watch them leave you.

Your best friend,

Your pet,

Your companion who is always there for you.

And your companion who will wait for you.

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