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I was born September 24, 1903 in a cottage at 319 East Main, across the street from the brick house at 324 East Main, where Grandpa and I lived for 25 years. It was the last home Grandpa and I had together, as he went to the Independence hospital f om the brick house. My father was working at the B.D. Fleet Department Store in the dry goods department in 1903. My mother stayed home but she had previously worked in the Herald Office, a church owned building that printed books and periodicals for the church. After I was born they would bring books to the house for her to "bind."

From the house where I was born they moved to a house a block north of the grade school where my sister, Ethlyn Grace, was born on May 30, 1908. On the day she was born, I went to "visit" the neighbors across the street, the Frank Thompson family. They had three grown daughters who were still at home. These girls still had their dolls etc. that they had played with and I always loved to go over there and play with their dolls. On this day, Mrs. Thompson asked if I would like to stay for dinner and, of course, I said I would love to. In the meantime, my sister was born. My dad came over to the Thompson's and sai, "Would you like to come home with me and see your new baby sister?" I answered, "Only if I can come back to Mrs. Thompson's for dinner!" So I did.

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