Born Free (A Brief History of Man)

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My life, indeed one woman’s relentless pursuit of peace and happiness reads like a song…

Every unique experience in the journey called “Life” indeed that in my own case has been the lyric of a song. I have also come to fervently believe that LOVE is the most powerful phenomenon, and that God is the most powerful truth on Earth!

Consider this; by the grace of the Lord, I have matured into a sincere and conscientious young professional interested in the study of the Liberal Arts and decoding the true meaning of Peace and Non-violence…

I have never been the usual couch potato, but of late I have been leading mostly a sedentary life which could have been torn to shreds if it had not been for a strange phenomenon called LOVE.

Indeed, my last 16 years have been one of tremendous emotional and physical pain and suffering. In the year 1997, I underwent Depression following completion of my studies from Delhi University. There were various factors underlying the same, especially the loss of an overseas scholarship. In 1998, I went to Orissa (India) to work with a corporate NGO, but my condition deteriorated and I had to return home. Life by then had taken a strange turn, with a plethora of blood tests, ECTs, doctors (including Advanced Homeopathy which has had a very positive effect no doubt) but nothing I repeat has truly healed me. I always dream about humanitarian service as a call of the Lord, but have largely been a sick child. I have taken drugs like Alprax and Lithium. I am also not recovering from my phobias and tension especially a deep phobia of flying and distant and overseas travel.

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