Enaira Part 1

by  the most holy
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It was the darkest part of my life. I have been wandering and I got no place to go. I have met several of them who I didn't know. They took me granted and wasted my purity. I should have known that it was wrong but I didn't care. I kept on taking that path and I blame you for taking me there. I wanted to end my life but I know if  I do that people will mock me. They will be happy so I continue though I was in pain and darkness keeps on eating me inside. I was numb then so sometimes when I am hurt and they are hurting me. It makes me feel alive. Sometimes, when I am in bed, I am thinking of you. Is It a sin to think of you when there are people, very precious people who involved. God forgive me because I can't control of what I still feel... that darkness. 

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