On The Other Side of the Fence.

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Welcome to my head.
I hope you've got the time
to stay awhile here,
and ease my troubled mind.

You see the grass is always greener,
That other lake so clear...
So when I feel the need for leaving,
You won't have to fear.


Hold me closer, closer, closer,
Then let me go.
Because I've got to keep on moving,
Keep my show up on the road.

They say that heaven's got my friends,
All my family,
And I can't wait.


Tomorrow keeps on coming,
And there's so much here to appreciate.

I wish there was a better
Explanation to all this.
These words spew forth,
And then silence.

I see behind your eyes,
The tears you won't cry,
Waiting for a time upcoming.
Sorry, I didn't mean to pry.


Hold me closer, closer, closer,
Because all I feel is fear.
But I feel my feet slowing,
And I got to get the hell up out of here.

I know that you're saddened,
That I want to leave this place.
But I only feel I belong,
When I see your smiling face.

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