Night Tremor

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Stationed here,
I quietly pretend, Your
Velvet leash wrapped around my neck.
Pulling loosely,
On the strands, I'll
Leave you lay.
Never knowing if I should stay.
Blank Stare,
Through pleading eyes.
Attachment to a ghost.
Shedding masks
Of violent calm.
Questions only remain.
Threading water,
While treading rope.
Simple ties do not unwind.
As rain falls
Over broken canyons,
As mountains intertwine.
Misty perception,
Daunting hopes.
Broken intervals.
A tired mind withdraws.
If you can't keep your own home,
There's a thousand other laws,
Breaking where they should bend.
While flaunting pride engulfs,
To thyself be true and sleep,
In the Lion's paws.

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