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Anger is like a candle; Sometimes I like to watch it burn

at both ends. I don't pretend to gloss it when

I let my tongue ramble: You might catch a couple of spurs.

You see,

Empathy is a life lesson: It takes some time to learn

as sounds abound to clash with heads trapped in the clouds...

I will make soup in my kitchen if I have to eat my words.

If they're tasty,

I might go back for seconds: One could call that guilt

or remorse or beat a dead horse with my scorched

earth policies in whatever name of imagined idolatry.

I'd be sorry

for my presence and these opinions I've built

on straw hats, three on a match, a few more wars, perhaps

I should back it up and relax; be a little more worry-free.

But I won't,

Words are powerful and I've used them so often to make people

feel sorrowful. I have few short days to change my ways and make

my amends not hollow.

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