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Every day I come closer to becoming human again,

and for that I'm glad.

This interminable cloud has finally passed and the sun's rays have

become internally processed again.

I can see the joy in little things as well, the things that make life worth living;

The smile of a child, a hug, friendship and faith,

a tear in the eye because of joy, the feel of water on my feet, the feeling of a beating heart full of love, discouraging all hate.

Someday soon I'll be me again, and it gets closer day by day.

It takes time to undo what I've done to myself, destroying the mechanical

devices upon which I've invested so much into, how often

these physicians just guess and guess and think I lie to them.

Oh well. I can heal myself if need be, but I do need the help of others.

After all, they're what make life worth living.

And they all have no clue how much they mean to me.

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