One Glorious Explosion

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Uneventful mind breaking mutilation.

Hands shaking, going off into my own world.

My escape from these tortured thoughts...

Life is the Nether Region.

There is no hope in me now.

Degraded, less than human,

I've come into my own.

Sent my mind in search of answers,

but nothing is there to find.

The problems I have do not go away with time.

Pressing on, it's now or never.

The Marching Grounds are red

when you've seen all these horrors.

It never seems to let me go,

It just keeps coming on.

These tortured dreams I see every night

shows me my internal hatred of self.

My mind echoes these tortured screams of

futility and nervousness.

I try to cleanse them with what little will I have,

but I end up cast away into my cell.

I'm just now learning from past mistakes:

One cannot act past what is now.

The Future is just one second.

Everyday feels like the last one

when I'm living in the present.

I can't believe I've come this far,

The ending is all I can see.

Something twisted I can't have,

Something I will never be.

Inspired and Broken,

Shattered dreams, wrenching desires away from me.

I'm pitiless with no remorse.

I feel like nothing more than a workhorse pulling a plow.

I'm admired for what I hate, but I feel I just disengage.

There's nothing left to televise to the world.

All I think are thoughts of peace in a world where war won't cease.

Our anger leaves us blind, yet this vision that we all will die

because of nuclear fission wont let me find the empathy needed

to think I haven't run out of time.

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