Internal Strife

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When you learn what life wants you to be,

You will see that I live in quiet blasphemy

in concert with internal disharmony.

When I sleep I feel I can see all eternity

From beginning to end looming all before me.

I have that same old feeling returning.


Burning alive for what I feel is right,

I don't know if I should put up a fight.

My eyes have become devoid of that inner light,

I have become wrapped in an unremarkable night.


My soul is bleeding and my heart is blazing

as I question, "Just what are we praising?"

Consumed by indifferent lust in a society that is unjust,

I feel my rising hatred calling to have it's hunger sated.

While Mother Earth is crying, I feel I lay here sighing

in sacrificial contempt as my anger is finally spent.

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