Since Waking You

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Since we began, by my nudge and my whisper,


I had felt things were not quite right.

Had you felt so too?


I saw the sunlight slide in between the blinds and up over your sheets.

It was beginning to wake you from your slumber that birthed our dreams.


It caressed you at first but then began to bake you as though you

would surely be melted by its lighter and weaker rays.


Since waking you, by that sunlight and its negative and harsh chapped



I had felt things were not quite right.

Had you felt so too?


I saw our skin burn then crisp as the sunlight now poured through the blinds,

And not slightly, not gently up over the sheets.

Turning our slumber into pain; a nightmare emerged from a dream.


It hastened to our chest,

Our heart barely able to beat in time, as we would surely be its victim,  

Rather than its new growth, a root planted so sublime.


Since lying by you, I smelled the reaction to the day's permanent and

everlasting affect.


I had felt things were not ever going to be right.

Had you felt this same death too?


I saw our lives dim out, our bed burn without passion but instead weakness under the heat; the light's last act.

Turning our sleep into death,

And our eternity into a night's reoccurring dream.


It captured our only sight, the day’s vision never seen,

Our body under its impelling,

And our minds were ever gone with the night’s then circling.


Since waking you,


We had felt that things were not quite right,


We had known not what to do,


And so death became our dream and the nightmare that ensued.





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