For Ronnie, Sea Shells...

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The emotions swept up and back over me,
And I was right there with you again, old friend.

Knocked down by our tidal wave, left to dance in our ocean.

The waves telling our story as they never cease, but go on and on and on!
One after the other,
they spill and tumble and reach.

Like a melody we always hummed,
A song we knew the words to,
A requiem that became a ballad; our story unfolded into a dream.

Hitting the beaches, they pull right back in again,
Our ocean never letting go of one sea drop,
Our ocean never leaving behind one grain of sand, and keeping with it,
each salt of the sea.

For all time.

I'm nothing but the white tips foaming as I cap, and swimming in it.
Drenched in the loveliness of our friendship, the perfection of our traveled pasts.

Guitars sound off in the coral shells,
they remember the sound of this dream.
The wind gliding over the piano playing the song of our ocean...
The lullaby of the sea.

We came together in this music,
We lived in The Light, forever,

And beyond the dry desert,
nestled in each movement of the deep blue wonder,
We found and proclaimed Him,
The Prince of our peace.

Goodbye, old friend.
We will listen for you here in this hour,

As the sea shells echo your voice,
And ascending beyond the waves.

So we wait for our reunion,
in Heaven's ocean.

We wait for this reunion,
As promised by The Prince of the everlasting sea.


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