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It's time to finally say goodbye to you.

It's been so long,

And yet it's the shortest distance we ever traveled, apart.

My baby.
My lover.
My best friend.

I gotta let you go,
The river told us so.

We weren't meant to rest on it.
We were destined to float on by until the current pulled us down.

It was all that we could do.

We knew we weren't sailors,
And that this was no great ocean.

We had no river boat all our own,
Yet this was our water, our home.

We had no captain to guide us on a larger vessel, to some imagined and greater land.

No ocean, no stream, only a river and as wide as it could open for us, it led us nowhere.

It was too small to hold us,
It was too powerful and we could not brake free.

You took my hand and for a second,
I gently begged that you would never forget me, as we let go.

I took your hand and for a second,
I calmly yelled at you to never remember me, as we let go.

It's time to finally say goodbye to you.

Forever would be too long.

And yet it's the shortest distance we will ever travel to part.

My baby.
My lover.
My best friend.

May the river bring us back to this resting place.
And my prayer is that it will not take the length of this life to unfold.

These salted emotions that streak and stain my face, can never make you my own.

I whisper to you and only God can hear it.
He took and tied my plea to our arc above the sky.

I will visit our river in my dreams,
And rest my weary heart in it.

This is just part one of our story, baby.
And tomorrow part two begins as it awakens within the morning's hopeful light.

My time away from you creates a new journey and I must surrender to it.

It's time to fold into the joy and wonder and breath in a grateful gasp of life.

I will miss you always,
and the river will pledge it so.

It will bridge the gap for us.
The shortest distance is all that's left between us.

And all that remains is forever in our sights.


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