Again, I Would

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I've never been soo tired. Exhaustion kicking in.

The air is whistling calmy. So gentle the breeze amongst the wind.

My heart's no longer racing. The pacing has seemed to slow.

Perhaps I've come to terms with the inevitable. Perchance a glance towards the bottom. The only option left to go.

Many times before. Many times and time again, I would envision her smile near mine.

A quick glimpse of what could have been.

Yet, now; Here I dangle. Now, here I hang.

One arm after the next. Switching when weak.

It doesn't matter! Not much does.

How cruel life can be, yet these emotions make me feel alive!

Even at the saddest moment. Upon the brink of devastation.

With all hope lost, no feat left to climb, resisteance; not necessary and my existence as sweet as cherry wine.

My palms are awfully sweaty. Each attempt to maintain grip is gradually failing.

I guess that this is it! Off to down under where the temperature's blazing.


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