Flights booked for Mt. Mulhacen, Sierra Nevada

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So the expedition to climb Mt Mulhacen in Sierra Nevada, Spain, is in full swing. Flights are booked, accommodation sorted, kit being organised and routes being planned. This will be my first experience of climbing at altitude. (Not bad, considering I'm terrified of heights). Yesterday started with Bruce spending hours trying to find cheap flights online and after much searching managed to get us three flights for £600. However, when we went to pay the computer crashed and so he had to start again. We spoke with a local guiding company called Spanish Highs, who suggested that we do the Los Tres Picos, which is climbing the three highest peaks in the Sierra Nevada in three days, all over 3000 metres. At this point, Bruce decided to hide under the table and pretend it wasn't happening. It sounded good to me and James Rigby, so he's out numbered smile emoticon Next challenge is putting together our kit list and realising that to survive five days in the mountain wilderness requires us to carry more kit than an articulated lorry. The guide company have been really helpful and we can hire a lot of the mountain kit, so we can avoid the excess baggage charges. After spending the GDP of a small country on kit, we still have more to buy, so it looks like we have a few more trips to GO OUT DOORS, oh God help me, I'm losing the will to live just thinking about it. The staff at the Shrewsbury branch know us by name and I sort of feel like I work there. They'll have me stacking shelves before too long, 'cause Bruce keeps buying all their stock. We have lots to organise and there is nothing quite so consuming for an adventure such as this. I mean, all this to hump 50 pound packs up a 3,500 metre mountain risking altitude sickness and what nature might throw at us, to camp on the highest hotel in Spain, sleeping in a bivvy bag in the snow, eating dried food and no TV. Sometimes, you question why you're doing it and the only answer is that it's where you find your perfect peace, feeling both secure and vulnerable at the hands of nature. Being there is our Nirvana and it's the struggle that makes it all worthwhile.

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