Chasing drems and facing nightmares (story + glow-in-the-dark painting)

by  black mask87
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Chasing dreams and facing nightmares

  I was made into a puppet, meant to never feel or care,
till i started having dreams and started questioning myself. They became my sole escape from a cold and lonely shelf, till a million nightmares came, and there were demons everywhere. I had a dream, a million times, i'd be greeted by desert air, and mountains so high in the sky, that clouds would take over their trails. i'd see a million paths to choose, a hundred million ways to fail. I had desire, but when demons came around, i had no will.

    A million times, i stood down there, just looking up and hearing tales of puppets coming back alive, without the strings, all by themselves. They said a  white light would appear, and lead you toward  a better realm. You'd find what you were looking for if you could see that cloud up there. Some even felt how humans felt, as they followed their dream uphill. Doctors, actors, football players, they were all dreamers as well.

   I left this dream a million times, procrastinated out of fear, saw demons on the mountainside, and felt completely unprepared. A million others went for theirs, i too, at times, would feel compelled until i saw them fall or fail, come down the mountain overwhelmed, they didn't have to say a word, their downfall wasn't hard to tell, they put themselves back in the shelf, with broken spheres and empty stares.

   A million times, i'd hit that rocky road, then find a way to leave. A million times, i'd see those same demons standing in front of me. The dream would've been mine a million times, if i could've believed. But i'd be back in my shelf, asking myself,a million times, "what if?" This time, however, something changed, passion was pouring out of me, a white light, thirty feet away, shun me a path up to the peak. 

   My puppet heart got stronger, i no longer feared to chase the dream. The mountain top was where i strived to be, there was no stopping me. I grabbed the strings that bound my feet and wrists, and ripped them from my being. As all the things i once feared, disappeared, the demons fastly neared. With just a wooden sword at hand, i took a breath and closed my eyes, a second later, dreamt the sword into a metal sphere with spikes.

   There must've been an angel somewhere in the clouds i couldn't see, however many demons i took on,he'd be protecting me. Without them even chasing me, i'd run to them so willingly. One went down,then another three. They'd hit the ground continuously. Before i knew it, some of them had even bowed down to a knee. They weren't as tough or frightening as i imagined them to be. Each demon that i faced gave me another reason to believe. Each step was worth the effort, every stumble-worth remembering.

   The fight livened my soul, and it made something better out of me, I've never, in reality, dreamt i could fight so purposely.  Never had i lifted an arm or stood up on my own two feet. This dream made me entirely the person i once dreamt to be. I must've killed 100,000 demons halfway to the peak, there were too many of them, that i rarely took the time to see the beauty  of a sunrise or the movement of a falling leaf. I was obsessed, infatuated, by my own ability, but i could not stop fighting, my mission was that mountain peak.

    Seemed like a million years, but finally, i reached the dream i chased. My face,my body, all of it, was now in human form and shape. This was the end, there was nothing but white light right above my head. This was what i had fought for, and this is where my journey  led. I'd fought to give myself life, and kept this this light from going dead. A hundred million demons later, i've felt blood and learned to sweat. I was no longer just a puppet but a master of my dreams. I'd cut away from all those strings that had me from my hands and knees.

   While standing on the mountain peak,i realized what i had achieved, more than i'd ever dreamt of, more than i'd ever thought i'd be. Fifty mountains down the valley, puppets stood where i had been. Where i first tore my strings, believed, and chose to chase this worthy dream. They each had a distinctive face, a different trail, a different speed. They each dressed in so many ways, and each pursued a different dream. Some came in my direction, others- back  down to reality. Their dreams were somewhere in the clouds, who knew, if truly, they believed.

   Alas, the dream i chased had never been so close or seem so clear, all of those demons, all those nightmares, they had all just disappeared. Never had i felt so alive, and never had i felt so real. Up here, i saw the top of my dream world, and my white cloud appear. My spear was nearly broken, and the heart i gained was worn and grey, i was a few times stronger, though half that strength withered away. The sacrifices that i made, the scars and bruises that i gained- I knew, were now about to pay, the prize was now a reach away.

    While reaching up into the cloud, i heard a sound, and felt a claw rip through my back, and out my chest, twas there i smelled the demons' breath. As if a ball of lightning struck, the shock of 50 lightning volts ran through my body, as i started elevating toward the light. I felt the cloud over my face, perhaps an angels' warm embrace. With open arms and no regrets, i smiled at the dream i lived, and soon after, faded away.

   Who knows where i'll be headed next,? Perhaps my dream, or maybe death, i might wake up back in my shelf, or in a dumpster, with the rest. This could've been half of my quest, or one step closer to success. Nevertheless, there's no regrets, regardless of what happens next.


     We all have a dream. Some people wanna be airplane pilots, others wanna be bankers, musicians, maybe an actor or an artist. This is what this story is all about, taking that dream out of the shelf and finding ways of making it possible. Fighting whatever obstacles are in the way and finding ways to move a mountain or two, or even 50, in order to get where you wanna get to. Many don't go for their dreams out of fear of how long it'll take, or how hard it'll be to accomplish, and all they do is wait and doubt themselves, tell themselves -"if he couldn't do it, i can't eighter ", and never do anything about it,  but anything is possible. You can accomplish your dreams, or you can even surpass them. Your mindset has to be -"if some have done it, i can too."  Some of these obstacles people talk about when pursuing your dream can really be nothing when it's time to face them. Some might be a little harder, some will go away on their own. Some of us will fail, some will never try, some will get so close, and give up, come back down to "reality", then tell themselves- "what if i should've really gone for it?", or " i should've done this!". You can't wait till it's too late, if it's something that gives you purpose, makes you happy, however you wanna say it, just go for it, whatever happens next, happens next. Just don't get too wrapped up in it that you miss the simpler things at the same time.

Here is a link to the glow-in-the-dark painting behind this story:

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