Cherished . . . .

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What is it to be cherished?

But this would take gentle moves, a passion not hurried and only kindled in an existence without time.

In here, we would be met with deep and tender kisses as we discovered each other under love and an unrelenting light.

We'd have to put aside our differences, our prejudice and so much spite.

What would you find in me, in this season of color and crisp cold breezes sweeping up the dankest of nights?

Would it feel like blades cutting, slicing so deep into your life?

But I believe it's in the unveiling,
that we would be healed and brought back to life!

We'd have to take it slow, find a rhythm and as the tears flowed, looking upon each other's scars for the very first time.

You would be my one and only.

You would be the man He chose for me, in this endeavor and for our space in a world with no solace or life.

To be cherished beyond the hungry,

To be loved and cared for beyond the desire of the minute, and the addict's need at the time.

To know my soul was never lonely, only waiting for its place next to you,
in this world we have been lent to for a time.

And then, my lovely, we would descend beyond the planes,
to our final destination on high.

Held together for all of eternity,

Our soul's breadth basked in His love and unrelenting light.


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