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Tonight is not like all the other typical nights I've had. I love reading articles and forums and to my interest I have read one relating article in candymag that is connected to what situation I have right now and it strucked me. It moved me. It made me want to do this. So now I've decided to put all my words into writing.


My friends say I am creative; that I have potentials to be a writer, artist or some sort of an art and/or photo enthusiast, maybe. I once joined a regional essay writing contest in Filipino somewhere in Tagaytay City (PH) and to my surprise I won the 3rd place! I don't know why, yes, I believe in my capabilities but I just don't feel like craving them out for others to see. I just do it spontaneously or on-the-spot just like other students doing home works and school projects just to pass. 


But tonight is not like all the other nights I've had. Something or better say, someone made me want to do this. I wanted my thoughts to be organized and somewhat for others to see. I've decided to share and let people see what I can do not to impress but to inspire them in whatever thoughts I may have.


And I hope this won't be the last. I hope I will be able to gather all my thoughts and be consistent in writing. 

I hope this thing would be successful that for many reasons, eventually, in some point of time this woud be my passion.

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