A Gift of Words

by  KLF
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A Gift of Words




I have in my heart
A list that I keep
I read it each day
and it helps me to see




A list of words
both simple and small
When lined up just right
become greater than me




So will if you may
please take time and read?
This gift of rhymed words
to you, simply from me !




So smile with your whole face
And laugh until you pee
Speak from your whole heart
And do so frequently




Give when you can
to those who really need
Be unique, always wonder
And don't forget to dream




And think that each day
a new chance yet to be
here in this moment
Don't look but truly see




And seek not for a way
to find those happy days
but know happiness all by itself
is the only way




It's not just to be
happy through and through
But be happy and as well
get away with it too






To love and be loved
when defined most intense
is like feeling the sun
from both sides all at once




When all alone and by yourself
And if you just know just this...
If you love yourself you're not alone
So love the one you're with!




Dance when in crowded room
as if no one there to see
The freedom that you feel
Courage bears vulnerability




And do not seek to do great things
but small things with great love
that every minute to anger lost
a minute to rise above




If the journey seems too long
so very far to till ends
A single foot placed down again
is all you need to win




So with each day's early morn
set sail as if new borne
Think all the world a sea
to cast our line once more




Then bait your day with love and 1cheer
and steady arm of
1"Only that day dawns to which we awake”
The reason we're all here




-= rusty fulton -=



1 "Walden”; Henry David Thoreau




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