I love you dear, believe me. By Luo Anthony L. Martinez

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I don't care for curves Nor for pretty faces, of them

I only care for you, my love. The love I can no longer see

the girl's I see drunk'en at clubs, party's, or the streets

No girl would make me feel like you could, dear

A strong heart you had, like my own, a bit child like

gentle and wild, made me feel at home and so loved

but O'Deary, how I pushed you so far away, shoved

Believe me love, everything I did was for you, 

My health was weak, my mind out of place,

with the stress of a loss, the pain of a dead friend 

A young man, lossing everything all at once

I wasn't myself, a dark person I became, 

Headaches, nose bleeds, everyday as I wake.

I wouldn't want you loving me, the way I was

Because even like this, you loved me, believed in me

And if I died by my hand, of sucide like I planned

How could I be with you, to know you loved me, 

For you to love someone, that would just disappear

That would leave you, with the pain I had felt,

The mark of death, is a pain that I hardly dealt 

I said those words, knowing it would hurt you

but know, it hurt me even more, believe me dear

even in the end, you wanted to stick around 

I don't desevre you, so I said no, I won't be 

Your friend, Please you said, twice more

And four more times, try and I said no

It broke my heart, and even yours more

So it was goodbye, I pushed you far

but please know I never meant to hurt you

This is the truth love, believe me love.


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