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There is a country in the world it’s called Imagination


A land of very special things “A very special nation”


It can be anything you want, a city, park or space


It can be built in just one day


Or vanish without trace


The people living there are great


They’re fun to be around


The way they look is up to you


They can be square or round


They can be tall or short or flat


And have all sorts of hair


They can be living on a tree, or bench or sky or chair


They can be brown, red or blue and have a lot of teeth


Some may be looking just like you or maybe like a fish


You never know what they will do today and everyday


Because it all depends on you and words that you will say


It is a place for you to go and visit anytime


You want to get away from things and have some quiet time


Sometimes you may go there without making plans


And then this land depends on you on giving them a chance


To never let them disappear no matter what they are


To keep on dreaming every time and let your dreams fly far


Imagination is a land that lives right in your head


It helps you live your daily life


And helps you get ahead


Imagine things that make you smile and add fun to your life


And watch the dreams right from your head be born and come alive


They are not just simply dreams you see


They’ve always lived with you


And in Imagination land they sure will come true


So keep imagining my friend and know it’s up to you


For your imaginary friends to make your dreams come true








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