We learn by time!

by  Ain
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When we are young, we never understand things as our parents do. When we become parents we understand their concernces , worries, thoughts, believes and every thing and our kids will say same to us as we said to our parents.

I think its not our fault...... its natural age factor but some times  people blame themselves for past!

Like many few months ago I was blaming myself for such mistakes that I did when my parents alive.I was hurt and cry all the time but some one said its not your fault, it happend then I realise he was right.

My father was a simple man and I neve saw him to worry about any thing. he was very calm. But I am vey different from my father ... I get angy quicly and never forget bad things easily.

He always said "Wait for the time" and I always get angry on this sentene. I made many big mistakes in my life and faced lots of problems becuase of my nature.


I tried hard to make my life good and never get success in life. I use to blame myself that I can not do any thing. I was disappointed ad thinking about my father then I recall his words "Don't Blame yourself, its natural!". It was the great moment of my life, I felt a positive energy all arrount me.

Again I am ready to fight with difficulties of life, so never blame yourself and think about someone you love most and his/her words you will feel good!

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