Earliest Memory

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Earliest memory; a beauty that will last for life. Colors that shine and lights that twinkle. Warm hugs and giggles that last long. A child see things as simple as can be that’s why her joy and life is envied by the old. First step, first word, first birthday,  and how she wear her smile proudly.

Why does the earliest memory cannot be compared by any memory we have? Yes, you are right, definitely right. Because it’s incomparable, never to happen again, and very first.

A lullaby, do you remember it? That simple song, that calms you and make you sleep. A gift from your parents that gives you guidance for life. How that song remind you to have faith even if life is hard and turmoil is around. A song that will remind you love, that will make you remember well the word of God, and that He is our provision. A lullaby hoping one day you’ll grow with beauty and grace; to not let the world take these for it will mean death. Yes, that lullaby is the 1st great heritage of your parent to you and from you to your children and from them to your grand children down to your great great grand children. Sing it with me. Please remember.     



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