Bad Luck

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Someone once told me the bad luck will run its course,

But does that apply when there's a multiple source?

When bad luck is coming from every which way,

And it seems like there's no such thing as a positive day.

How much is one person expected to take?

When nothing is letting up and everything is at stake.

A family, a relationship, everything I hold dear-

Continues on a constant basis to be taken or disappear

How much can one lose before they're bound to go insane?

What can a person do not to be beaten down by the pain?

Or the fear, or stress, that is devouring their being

And how about the silver lining I was told I'd be seeing?

It's still nowhere in sight and now I'm even more distraught,

Cause now rock bottom is further down than I thought

Because when I thought there was nothing left for me to lose,

I of course should have known there's no end to bad news.

There will always be something else to kick you when your down,

And there's always people asking why you always wear a frown.

So even when a day comes where no news is good,

There will always be the nosy ones who ask more than they should.

They ask about the problems and the sadness in your face,

But it's too much of an effort just to put them in their place.

So you try to hide the worry and the doubt of a brighter day,

And paste on the fake smile as that blue sky looks grey.

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