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once up on time , there was a young ,ambition girl : who though that every thing is possible , that in this life she can do what ever she wants , without any complications , no jugements and that she will be loved no matter what she does, probably because she really believed in stories and fairy tales. well , after growing up she relized that all that wasn't true.. because in the real world all that is unexistable. In the real world  , when you do something people will juge you: if you do it in the good way  and you are successful  haters will fowllow you without you knowing about their existance ,plus thet will juge you anyway ...and if you do it in the wrong way , well good for you because you'll be called a LOSER and of course they will juge and critisize you , you know ? either you are failing or successing , one way or an other they will JUGE YOU . so live you life and don't you ever dare thing about what others will say , as I said they will juge you anyway daah... back to real world :'' il y a toujours des problemes '' problems will always cross your way that's why you  need to have a munity to face them and actually by having those problems you will get the experience and the knowledge , as they say ''what doesn't kill you makes you stronger'' ....

You know what ? my point is live you life ,forget about people because in our world they're all hatefull , pethetic and sucks , you can do what ever you want to do only if you have enough confidance and courage to do that .Believe in yourself and you'll live happily ever after.

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