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About a year ago , I decided to move from my country, to chasing my dreams and fly over my thought . I remember almost every day used to say I will leave here in next 6 month, Every day to my self and my family.

From the financial part we were in the middle of the line , not reach and not poor. 

I was working 2 shifts totaly 12 hours a day 6 says a week but no saving!!! 

I didn't get to use to save money, all I knew was I have no right to limit myself because of tomorrow! the time that you have no idea what will be upon you.

That time I was sure that I will have my own way and lifestyle another place far from my family and there was when I found a English institue online and as I had a program to take the IELTS exam so I started study with them after a while the manager who was a Iranian man offered me a job.

Woow! I started working with them online and translating and writing some articles about how to learn English and after the Ielts exam Once I asked the manager , Can I help you with anything becuse he looked tired ! and he replied "Yes, you can if you come over here" !

And I said " Ok, just send me the invitation .'' That day changed my life .

My father realized I belong to somewhere else and he let me go...

It was hard for them to let me go, it was a risk , the couldn't come with me and for 28 years I didn't leave them , never!

I was ready to go and see another season of mylife and explore myself and life.

For some paper thing we should go to the capital and almost 14 days we staid there and there was when the curst broken on me , I saw Snow for the very first time in my life...

My father and I walked under the snow for almost an hour , almost silnet , I was sad I couldn't belive that in few days I cant talk to them face to face or touch them and flying around them like a butterfly and make them smile and do the crazy things that I used to do ...

We got back to our house , I had things to do , packing which I did on last day.

When I wanted to leave my house and family my uncles and aunt and cousines they all came to our house .

It was lunch time and as I was hungry for the food that my mom made but couldn't even eat  ,eighter she.

She just looked at me and cried ... 

I was their weak, young child who seems will saty there forever and be safe with them, Now they couldn't protect me from unpredictable things which may happen to me. 

My dad Cried too and I cried with them. I love them so much I cannot compare any one or thing with them , anyway I left them behind and step into the real world Alone...


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