Your Shoulder, My Heart

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I want to dance with you again,

as we used to in the dark.


And with only the fireflies lighting our way!


My head would lean on that shoulder,

always right there,


And how you would hold me,

rocking me so gently, love-filled,

and tenderly repaired.


Our feet were bare, the grass soft and teasing, as you had guided us through the sounds of our own song.


I had floated all about you,

never scared of the darkness,

or that the rhythm of our music had moved me,


As we had never existed apart!!


I do not miss the sweet cries of our love's making, your eyes or your perfect face,


I only miss that shoulder, right there, yes that was the place!


And how we used to dance in the dark...


Our life spent from that moment,

my heart and your shoulder,


God's blessed union trembling and dancing in the dark....



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