Unfaithful Was Not Our Story....

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I wasn't hopeful and only dreaming when I heard you through the gravel and thunderous churning of a day.


I wasn't expecting someone familiar or that you would have quietly grown on and so strong without me,


Yet, there you staid!


I laid my hand on my heart, and felt you beat there,


--I couldn't summons a fair response.


Your voice interrogated my soul and asking such questions of a life it would never know!


That I grappled with the truth of this; I could only hold you from far away.


There would never be a you and me, but His sunshine would cut through and shone a brighter light on the bleakest and greyed pages of this story!!


There could only be a knowing,


There could only be a distance growing,


For The Enemy would never have us in this way!!


Quickened by flickering passions and distracted by our hubris, death would surely have been allowed, come what may,


So I thanked God for the gravel and the churning, and all the noises of the dismal day as it all kept me from floating further your way!!


And but for the pain and death that would've come what may!!


So this is our story...


You are not mine and we were not ours, and to be the unfaithful.


For the pride of the Evil Doer and his appetite would never surrender, and our lives be consumed for his pleasure.


You and me must surely grow on apart,


And only heard to each other as a warning in bells chiming on the clearest and most silent of days.


For this IS our final story;


the faithful and righteous broke through the thunderous passions of a single day.


Come what may, we held it at bay.



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