Tears and Pain

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Have you ever had a day, where you just had so much going on that all you can do is cry? And you just kept crying and crying and crying? Have you ever felt so alone as if everyone was giving up on you? You have nobody to call, text, or even to talk to with out being judge? You felt like you was just in a little corner balled up? So you gradually start drifting away. You feel like the inside of your body is slowly caving in and dying? Your hearts beats graudally gets slower as ir grasp for oxygen. Your head start pounding. Your eyes are slowly closing. You feel your body is becoming more and more weak at every inch of the way. Well welcome to the of "Tears and Pain" everybody has visited this place before. But many have stayed, cause that's their used to. Many leave their lives here cause they're tried of opening up to people and getting rejected. Most died here in this. Many make this their new home in their mindset. Because this is the only thing that comfort them. Everybody else that leaves this look at the others and call their emotions "Depressieon". Well here some news for you, its not depression. Depression is a stage where you go for couple od days and just there and cry and eat ice cream. Tears and Pain is new life many had adapted to. Nobody really understand this life because people goes off the cover and not even think about reading the book. You cant judge how others wants live their lives. Many people on the planet doesn't has a greatly support systems like others. That new life they have developed is their greatly support system to them. Thats all they know. So you can't blame. 

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