Her Smile

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                                            Her Smile

Once upon a time, there was a woman, whom was so sublime…,…in love with her I fell or in the least; became subdued by her enchanting spell. Emerald eyes which beheld such beauty accompanied by her free flowing hair of gold… my heart skipped once I saw her….my soul and being…..completely sold. She would be the one, or so I have thought….in the end, I knew deep down, it would all be for naught.  That’s neither here nor there…for I truly cherished every single moment we shared. Her laughter, her gentle touch; I never knew I would miss so much. Her compassion and understanding; in my heart, sure stuck its landing. Selfless and dedicated mother; compared to her, there is no other. So much love she has to give; she gives people a purpose, to fight on and live. To never give up, and better yourself every day; take things one step at a time, and know deep down…that everything will be okay. These attributes of hers are all so very kind, but there is one I didn’t mention, that in an instant could stop time.  This out shines the beauty, brilliance, and the guile. I will never forget it, it haunts my dreams…and that of course….is her smile.


- Jason

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