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Story of my Life

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Since I remember I was a Dreamy girl , and for that point people dare to underestimating me in any situation. 

After years of ignorance and hearing "it's not work . it's impossible . it's just might happen in your dreams ... " I started to believe it. 

yes , I swallowed them . But still I had dreams and hopes that maybe " I can do it . dreams can be come true ,..." . 

I had and still have a nice voice and enjoy singing, it's may not perfect but it's not that bad. Since I was 15 I got to memorize songs and singing without knowing what exactly their meanings. My cousin was wondered how I can pronounce those words exact as I'm a Native speaker! So she advice my mom to send me to some institute and let me learn English. 

It was 1 or maximum 2 month a year, but I enjoyed it , better than everyone in the class . 

10 years past and for while I stopped learning English, and circling around myself in a university in a field I didn't liked it and wasting my 5 golden years and regret all the time . 

I just couldn't turn the clock back and start over, I didn't found myself that strong so I just stopped study accounting on associate degree and just wasting another 4 years till I got almost 26 and  half. 

I had dreams which I couldn't let go , dream of going to USA or UK to study and working and living, finding true love and be happy ever after. 

I decided to have some step for it so I commence going to institute again and prepare myself to have the IELTS exam. I found myself as a really good and creative writer so I found my wings there. 

Thanks to my teacher and classmates I found my lost sprit during proving English skills.



To  be continued....


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