Spring Evenings

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Sun setting over the horizon on a beautiful spring evening,

Cool breeze flooding your face, the smell of mist afloat the air.

One of those nights like in a movie or screening,

The ones that make you think, "I wish I was there."

The sounds of birds' chirping now draining out,

The crickets' sweet tune now settling in.

Children getting tired from running about,

Getting even more tired from the rhythm of evening winds.

Fireflies lighting up all around,

Beautiful colors consuming the sky.

People blowing their candles out,

Parents telling their kids goodnight.

Sitting on the porch with a hot cup of tea,

Watching the sky and day turn to night.

Thinking of a new book to read,

Thinking of how the temperature is just right.

What an extraordinary evening spring has made,

The perfect time, now, to go to bed.

Get sleep for tomorrow, for it's a new day,

Now you close your eyes as you lay down your head. 

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