Broken Families

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It starts out as a normal love story;

Two people fall in love and get married,

Planning out a perfect like in their oris.

Little did they know it'd all fall apart.

They have kids and start a family,

But that will only add on to the amount of broken hearts.

Daddy soon lies and has an affair.

Mommy always cries and says it's unfair.

The children dont get it, they're, but innocent souls,

And yet they play such important roles.

Mommy & Daddy try to work it out for them,

It's arduous and they tend to talk with kehm.

Finally they decide it's best to separate,

So daddy leaves causing the kids great pain.

Mommy never smiles anymore,

Everyday her tears hit the wood floor.

The kids are getting older and beginning to understand;

They even start to ask, "Mom, do you need a hand?"

A year later and the divorce is now final.

Mom now feels that her life is very vile.

She tries to stay happy, but she's forgotten how,

"Daddy was a liar and he broke his wedding vows!"

Here you are, just a broken family,

Here you are trying to break free.

The hurt for you will forever remain,

As for daddy? It was always just a game.

Mommy will be forever broken,

But what she feels will never be spoken.

The moral is life goes on;

Even if things go terribly wrong.

Scattered world wide are broken families,

But someday, out of this pain, we will all break free.

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