I’m not a fighter

by  wild yellow flower
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You’re the one who told me that love is painful,

You even said that love is dreadful,

There’s no one who win this thing laughing

Because they all end up crying.


Wounded and exhausted you were,

Hoping she’d still come back to you.

Do you hear yourself?

And you still wanna go out and love her even more?

That night you whispered ‘stay with me’

Did it ever occur to you the damage?

Of a heart once stolen and returned broken?

Have you not listened enough with that little heart-brain of yours?

Why do you still wanna try?

Why do you still wanna cry?

Aren’t you done with all the lies?

Haven’t you had enough of the goodbyes?


Do you ever get tired waiting for someone brave?
Brave enough to hold you tight?

Strong enough to fight?
Is it the one on the left or the right?
I wanna be over with this heist.

Please just cover me with lies,


So I may believe that love can still survive.

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