Admire the orphans

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Admire,Admire the best of people can be a person who had no shoulder to lean on.

How can we ignore the value of a person,who didn't have a return to home.

While everyone has his own struggle.

He is the only,who raise his arm.

Everytime he need to avoid but nothing at all.

a person who is generous and more and more.

an eye opener 

and ready to listen.


Yes,he is the best of people.

because he know the real struggle

of not having all we want.

But nothing at all.

Yes ,he know the value of everything 

because he lost everything.

When he didn't have a harm arm to be friends with.

He lost his childhood.

In searching the true.

With his pure and gentle heart.

In all of his doubt.

He search the meaning of life.

He know it feel what like to not having someone taking care of you.

When no one is there for you.

Nor helping,raising and admiring you.

He will smile at you for no reason.

Just because he want you to smile in return.

He know how to be happy with his five sens.

When there is no one by his side.

Be gentle to the orphan.

Be kind to them.

Value the orphan.

Because the best of us was one of them.

The best person.

The best of mankind.

Is the Prophet Muhammed (Pbuh)

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