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I can't believe what you did to me
You took my my heart and crushed it so easily
so full of love, so pure, so good,
but it met it's death with your heart of wood

You made me cry, cry, cry,
You made me cry, cry, cry,
you took my heart and tore it apart
now i don't know where to start
you made me cry

You took this love of gold
love so full of wealth,
and killed it with your love
that you have for yourself
You denied my love
with your cheating, with your lying,
and stupidly...i kept trying

(Guitar Solo)

Well now, I feel sorry for you, baby,
cause you lost a good man
and now I cry for you
cause I don't understand
How you could take this love of gold,
love so full of wealth
and kill it with your love
...for yourself

and so I cry for you, I cry for you,
Baby, now I'm crying for you
cause you took my heart and you tore it apart
Now, I'm crying for you..

...I cry for you, baby........

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