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Dear Dad,

if only i could turn back time

to tell you how much i care

and cherish again the moments we shared.


Memories of you

Blew in a gust of wind

of days gone by

that a tune we would sing

Reminding me of the wonderful things

that a special someone like you

could always bring.


I may walk on the road ahead

and a feeling inside me scares me to death.

That in my years to come

the remains of your memories

Will be just like the waves crashing against the seashore

and like a tale untold,

long forgotten before.


I patiently await

for the day that i shall

see your beautiful smile again

But only time would best tell

that for you and i all will be well.


The many of your lifetime Dad

Will slowly drift away

and forgotten in a place unknown.

And God alone only knows the reason why

deep inside my heart i will still cry.







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