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Neverending. Resonating. Chewing through you like a dog's toy. Swallowing you into a pit of despair. Its interesting to watch the power pain has on your mental well being. Survival mode being what you rely on to get through the day. The people you imagine would be there for you end up abandoning you leaving you to drown in the lakes of your eyes. The overbearing weight of everything slowly weighing you down breaking your individual bones, as whatever God watches you struggle to stand up straight. The question of why staining your thoughts, in such a ruthless red rage that makes seeing life as gleeful impossible. That tainted color washes over your vision until the pain and the rage lead you into a cesspool of your own aggression. Making it so easy for people to light your fuse. You become the definition of a ticking time bomb, and before you know it you start saying and doing things that you would've never thought you were capable of saying and doing. Pain DRIVES out your remaining humanity for the people around you. Pain DRAINS you of all possible motivation and wears you down so quickly that sleep becomes the one thing you look forward too. Sleep, the unconscious peace that is well deserved after a day of agony. The calm before the storm.

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