Breaking Away

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Breaking Away


What should I say, of breaking away?

Or of the barriers, holding me at bay?

How do I pierce the womb of demise?

Birth Thee, from this lifeless disguise?


Why must one moment expand hope?

And another; form a hangman's rope?

Cinching tighter around time's throat!

Squeezing death into all, that's afloat!


Who am I, to ever battle with a God?

Or fight, his arch-nemesis' fiery rod?

Am I but a mere mortal, borne in sin?

Shed of innocence, before life begins!


Whence I fall; six feet below my soles,

And life becomes death lying in holes!

Laid below earth, like nested worms,

Resting my head upon natures terms!


What should I say of breaking away?

Are we born to suffer, thence decay!

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