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I was up all night, 

Didn’t make it to bed.

Didn’t hear a word she said

Just writing poems kept me awake

Trying to figure out what should rhyme

Trying to not waste to much time

How many words will I need

To make this poem one to keep

Another day is here to for the taking

How many mistakes will I keep making

Time has come for eyes or so it seems

I need glasses even when I dream

Doe’s what I write make any sense

Will others who read this take offense

Should I continue on or take a break

Or will my words sound more than fake

When will I know my poem is complete

Is there something I should go back and delete

As the bottom of the page comes into view

I try to think up something new

I think it’s time to wrap up this session

I hope I have made a good impression

I think it’s time to get out of this chair

I hope this is judged by those who are fair



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