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Walking through this house alone

Wearing cloths from months months ago

lives a woman who's lover was sent to war

for whom she hasn't heard from in so long

The only memory she has of himis in her mind

she hope to see him before he dies

for together they lived a happy life

what was happy is now a torn up kite

one that will never be able to fly

she's been crying so lone she can cry no more tears

He and her baby has been gone for so many years

before he left she had just givin birth

to a little girl named Anna she would love and hold dear

but all that changed when her friends came by

to cheack to see if she was feeling fine

or so thats what they wanted her to think

As the walked voer to her bay and did a horrible thing

they took the baby and walked out the door

leaving her crushed and saddened as she falls to the floor

onthe floor unable to move

all she could think about were the loss of two

her life is no more she had lost everything she had

just like that her mind went blank

so now all she does is walk around

this house lonly house of her's where he family once was


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