The Philosophy Of Silence

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                       Silence, within its frozen reality, keeps an animated world of expressions. The expressions, unheard by the ears of thoughtless noise-mongers and whispered to the wisdom of calm wanderers. To them, silence is the gift of divine understanding, coherent and cogent.


                        All revelations were revealed in the adoption of silence. The David son of Jesse knew exquisitely well the significance of silence. Rejoicing under its meek tranquility once, the prophet uttered a divine word, “When you are on your beds, search your hearts and be silent.” This is still serving as pedagogy of insights in the consecrated school of inspiration and admired by the ones who delve through the hidden territory of its meaning and purpose. This, ushering the genuine seeker into the secret, spiritual valley of self-realization. It is a prophetic prescription for highly social lips, talking worldliness most part of the day.


                        When the sun sets behind the ocean of noises, when the shadows of darkness gradually grow to overwhelm the sphere, and the day beckons night to take its turn, the silence dawns slowly from the sacred heavens upon the awkward acoustics of retiring human beings to hush up the surroundings. The time it reaches its perfect adolescence, there begins an unending dialogue between the youth of empty spaces and the elegance of still shadows. The dialogues, floating freely upon the naked waves of gentle breeze, traveling against the echoes of trembling murmurs.


                        There is a decisive intimacy between silence and thought. A proper thought when meditated upon consistently in silence, unleashes the streams of fortitude to dampen the rigid soil of conscious delicacies so the seed of higher sense and awareness be scattered upon it to reap the harvest of intellectual harmony.


                        Silence has varied meanings. A mother’s silence to her child may mean devoid of any further provisions to quench her child’s thirst for natural desires, and God’s silence to His worshiper’s prayers may mean out of His optimistic thought in the favor of the worshiper to answer at some other more suitable time. Likewise, the expanse triumphed by the glacier of silence may mean to predict a sultry storm and the creation’s silence to its creator may mean to verify a complete code of submission to its creator.


                        The generous contribution of a teacher to his student can never be realized with that much thankfulness, under any other mood of life, except in silence, to recall those fabulous expenditure of one’s lively moments on the training to feel the encouraging placement of that guiding hand on head again, inspiring to carry on in the times of trouble on education.


                        Silence had been a clear mirror, a sincere companion with the rulers of the earth that drew waters of wise solutions from the wells of wild calamities to cultivate prosperity and peace on the barren patches of human miseries. Silence, yes, the silence alone, accentuated to them a rush of distant hubbubs, when concentrated, were actually the whines, the sobbing, the words that could not fly too high to pass over the top-gates of their clamorous courtyards or stir the complaint-bells.


                        Silence, generously chances many a times to act the exact idea of a true love to those bound in blood. A childless father from some priestly monastery might not qualify enough to define a thing from the simple sensation of the intimate moments when a daughter’s head is placed carelessly upon her father’s chaste, asleep, patted gently by her father to confirm the hitherto unwritten code of the most natural emotional attachment by asking the Jesus of silence with his pleading eyes, “ Whisper to the world Lord, don’t make any harsh noises or else it might lose beauty of the sight and rhythm of the breathing innocence.”


                        Silence loses its staunch decorum whenever exposed to the false attempts of malicious meditation. The attempts, drawing their vigor from the crimson illusions of mundane imagery. This is the state of degeneracy in silence and deceptive use of one’s precious loneliness, destroying the pleasure of being silent and meaning of its real fortunes.


                        When this world began to see things in their true core and learned to define some amazing mysteries lying behind the dark drapes of inexplicable, the humanity will owe many many explanations to this seemingly subtle word, silence, until they succeed in sealing the covenant of a messianic rest with its sedate healing power to reduce the heavy burden of piercing ado from the agitated souls.    



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